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Village Doctor

New (and improved) you for the new year

Q: I’ve been thinking about starting juicing in the New Year. I hear that juicing loses the fiber so I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do or not. What do you recommend? -        Diana B., age 34, Saratoga Hi Diana, Thank you for your excellent question about starting off the New Year with a healthy new consideration. Juicing has become quite popular, but I should note that, as with all popular trends, it has some pros and cons. Overall, making fresh juice from fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to add some of their known benefits

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Move it!

Spring-cleaning your kitchen

This year, go beyond opening up the windows and dusting off the shelves. Clean up your diet by cleaning out your kitchen.  Your kitchen should be conducive to cooking and stocked with items that support healthy and nutritious meals. De-cluttering your kitchen can be the difference between preparing a well-balanced meal and running to the local fast food chain. Give it a toss for health Far too many kitchens have items that undermine nutritious eating. Spring is the perfect time of year to strip your kitchen of junk foods and replace them with healthy alternatives. “Out of sight” means “out

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Business Therapy

Lightening your load

Has this happened to you? Day after day, you walk in your office, sit down, do your work. Then, one day seemingly out of nowhere, your office has turned into a first-class disaster area. The stacks on your desk have morphed into a mountain range of paper. You have a small cemetery of electronics you no longer use.  To-do lists, some dating back five years with tasks that you haven’t completed, paper your walls. You still intend to complete those tasks. Could this be the reason why you have a hard time getting anything done? In a blinding flash of

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21st Century Wellness

Spring is a time for letting go

Ever wonder where the term “Spring Cleaning” came from?  Ever wonder why with the first hint of springtime we eagerly reach for our mops and brooms and start furiously cleaning the house? Whether we are conscious of it or not, we intuitively understand that less means more, and the clearing process offers the promise and anticipation for nothing more than life to come in and takes its place. We appreciate that spring represents new beginnings, a chance to renew the self, to emerge after a long winter’s rest with a new expression of who we want to be and what

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Mindset Matters

Spring cleaning for your psyche

Spring cleaning can feel like an unpleasant imposition and overwhelming task. But for some of us, the dusting, scrubbing, discarding, and reorganizing brings a sense of well-being and preparedness for all of the other challenges of life. In the same way, an imaginary spring cleaning of your psyche can bring clarity, fresh thinking, and a sense of starting anew. The word psyche comes to us from the heroine of the well-known Roman myth, Psyche and Cupid. Psyche had some daunting chores of her own, and we can learn from her experience: Having lost Cupid’s love, Psyche desperately turns to her

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Nutrition Matters

Fresh juice for a fresh start

Food for thought… Springtime is ripe for a fresh start.  In that spirit, many people look for the latest way to take their health to the next level – from detox programs to miracle diets, most proposed solutions come with a level of complexity in working them into your schedule and following a list of do’s and don’ts. Some of these options may be well worth the effort.  But, if you are looking for a simple change with profound health benefits to kick off this season of new beginnings, look no further than fresh, raw juice. Here’s the thing: even

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